Which football boot should a midfielder choose?

What kind of boots should a midfielder choose? What kind of studs to use when you are a midfielder? We answer this question, whether you are a defensive midfielder, central midfielder or attacking midfielder.
It’s hard to choose your studs. Whether it’s the brand, the color, the style or the technology, the choice is wide and you can sometimes get lost. To avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong pair of studs and regretting this choice throughout the season, we help you by telling you about the boots designed for the different positions in midfield.

Of course, far from us the idea of saying that the boots make the player but some pairs have specificities that will make them more or less relevant for midfielders. To establish this selection, we have based ourselves on the models most worn by pro players.

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To help you choose the right pair of studs for you, here’s a complete guide to the midfield position. Whether you’re a defensive, relay or attacking midfielder, the qualities of your studs will inevitably revolve around the notion of ball handling. Even if the studs do not make the players, no doubt that products are necessarily more adapted to the various positions of the modern midfield.

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After unveiling the Phantom Vision and Phantom Venom, it is the Phantom GT that has come to sweep all this and impose itself as the silo “skills” of Nike. Designed along the same lines as the 2014 Magista, the pair is revealed in a high and low version like the Mercurial and offers a Flyknit upper paired with a textured material. Nike also thought to improve the traction of the pair with new siped studs. This boot is perfect for technical and creative midfielders like Kevin De Bruyne, one of the silo’s ambassadors.

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Who are the midfielders wearing the Nike Phantom GT 2?
Gavi, Arturo Vidal, Lucas Paquetá, Rodri, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, James Milner, Ismaël Bennacer…

New arrival at PUMA, the Future Z is the agility silo of the brand with the leaping feline. In the continuity of the Future range that we knew before, the new Future Z is distinguished by the presence of an adaptive compression band called FusionFit. Bringing a true support of the foot without coming to compress it, the Future Z wants to be different from the others in the form and in the bottom compared to the other models which exist on the market of the shoes of soccer.

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Who are the midfielders who wear the PUMA Future Z?
Jorginho, Adam Lallana, Antonino Barillà..

Made popular by Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham, the Predator is still a reference for technical midfielders. While the technology may not be the same as it once was, the quality is still there. The feel of the Predator Freak has notably evolved with the launch of the latest generation with the introduction of DemonSkin technology on the front of the upper. With these spikes, adidas offers not only control but also rotation. To take it a step further, adidas also wanted to re-integrate a split outsole. All in all, this is a complete and versatile pair that will suit all midfielders.

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Who are the midfielders wearing the adidas Predator Freak?
James Rodríguez, Donny van de Beek, Dele Alli, Renato Sanches, etc…

At Nike, we do not change a timeless model. After a very good Tiempo Legend VI, the brand with the comma returns with a Tiempo Legend 8 more modern and more technical. After the integration of Flyknit on the tongue and heel of the pair of the former version, it is the Quadfit that integrates the 8th version. The kangaroo leather is still present at the front and a mesh cage has been added to the inside of the boot to better protect the leather. In addition, the new HyperStability outsole provides better responsiveness than in the past. It is therefore a perfect boot for defensive midfielders or number 10s.

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Who are the midfielders who wear the Nike Tiempo Legend 9?
Nico González,Sandro Tonali, etc…

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 has been known for many years as a versatile and timeless model. This leather model with its distinctive lacing allows for support and flexibility in movement to promote comfort. This silo has almost the same qualities as the Tiempo from Nike. This pair is therefore ideal for midfielders in the center of the game

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