Now official, the transfer of Erling Haaland to Manchester City interests us today to know more about the potential numbers that the player could wear. If the 9 seems logical, there are other possibilities for the player.

It may seem anecdotal but it is not. In the coming weeks, Erling Haaland will discover his new club. But while Manchester City should welcome its new striker most beautifully, we wonder what number he will wear on his back.


Because more than just a number, the flocking of a recruit of the importance of Erling Haaland will necessarily be a strong and determining moment for the marketing team of Manchester City. Just like the arrival of Messi did for PSG last summer, the Manchester City shirts with the striker’s name should be sold like hotcakes. Hence the question of what number will Erling Haaland wear at Manchester City? If the number 9 seems to stand out from the others, other possibilities exist. If we take the example of Messi, who would have seen the Argentine evolve with the 30?

Whether at Borussia Dortmund or in the Norwegian national team, Erling Haaland wears the number 9. Historically worn by the strikers, this symbolic number seems obvious to be cut for the cyborg. The only problem is it is not free since already been on the shoulders of Gabriel Jesus since the 2019-2020 season. If the rumors of the departure of the Brazilian striker are persistent, he is still today a player of Manchester City.

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The number 9 for Erling Haaland at Manchester City?

And if this plausible departure were to drag on and Gabriel Jesus would start the 22-23 season with the number 9, it will be impossible for Erling Haaland to show off with this number because the rules of the Premier League are strict: “As long as he remains with his club, a player keeps his shirt number throughout the season for which it was assigned”. The only possibility is that Gabriel Jesus leaves his number to his new teammate before the next season or that an exemption is requested. This is notably what was done last season with Cristiano Ronaldo and the 7 left by Edinson Cavani.

THE #15?

But why Erling Haaland would wear the number 15 at Manchester City? Before Erling Haaland, another “Haaland” wore the sky blue shirt of Manchester City. Alf-Inge Haaland, the father of Erling, was indeed a player of Manchester City and wore in his time the number 15. As a tribute to his father, the Norwegian could then wear this number, which is not worn in the squad.

THE #19 ?

Remembering his first steps. By using the #19, which is also free at City, Erling Haaland could honor his early career. Indeed, this is the first number he used as a professional player in the 2015-2016 season. He was then on the side of Bryne FK. This same number will be on the back of his shirt during several games with the youth selections of Norway (U19 and U20).

THE #30 ?

And if Erling Haaland wore the number 30? The 30 like Messi? No, the 30 like the one he wore for four seasons. From Molde FK to Red Bull Leipzig, Erling Haaland played with the number 30 on his back. If this number has a completely different connotation since it is carried by Lionel Messi to PSG, it could pass a new milestone if Haaland was to choose it for his first steps at City.

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