What not to do with football boots

If you want to take care of your football boots, here is an article you should not miss. Here we will explain what to do to make your cleats last you longer.

Sometimes, the life of our boots is reduced because we don’t know how to take care of them properly. So we go to the internet to learn how to take care of our shoes. Here we deal with the subject from another point of view: the things you should not do with your soccer shoes.

Even before we think about putting horse grease on your shoes or something so basic as cleaning leather shoes, we decided to start from the beginning by giving you some tips that we can apply daily. We are in an era where spikes with integrated socks or synthetic shoes do not need much care, but this is not the case for leather boots that require more care.

Putting your football boots in the washing machine

Can we wash the shoes in the washing machine? THE ANSWER IS NO. It is indeed a rather practical and fast solution when we do not have time to take care of our shoes but NO.

We have to think that the glue and the heat-sealed patterns that are present on our shoes might melt and go away with the washing machine. In addition, soccer shoes, as well as the more elastic parts of the shoe (such as shoes with integrated socks), would lose their elasticity and could tear more quickly.

However, if you wish to wash them in the washing machine:

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED, but if you decided to do so, you will have to remove the laces and the insole of the shoe. Once these parts are removed, you will need to put the shoes in a cloth bag or wrap it in a towel. This will prevent the shoes from hitting the drum of the machine and causing it to break down. It is important to avoid spinning so that the shoe is not damaged. The machine should run at a medium speed. Another essential point for washing the shoe is to use a program that uses cold or lukewarm water, a maximum of 30 degrees. If the water is hotter, the sole or the logos on the shoe may be damaged or even come off. Use a liquid detergent.

Dyeing or painting soccer shoes

Remember Bakary Sako, a Crystal Palace player with his custom boots? They were Nike Mercurial Superfly with drawings of the famous manga Dragon Ball. He had created a trend that gradually began to spread, reaching even the ex-Barça player, Leo Messi and his personalized cleats. The fashion of dyeing blackout shoes or customizing them is a very serious mistake. The products used to dye them are very aggressive and cancel the technology present on the carcass of the shoe. For example, if you dye Nike shoes, All Conditions Control (ACC), the shoe would lose its flexibility and grip on the ball as well as its waterproofing.

It should be noted that the paints that are sold on the market are corrosive. It may not be visible at first, but this causes the shoes to deteriorate more quickly.

Putting the shoes in the backpack

Who hasn’t done this before? Normally we finish the training or game tired. We go to the locker room and leave the boots in our backpack with one thing in mind: getting home. As soon as we get there, we forget about the shoes, which remain crushed for hours or even days. If this happens, the shoes will lose their shape. Each shoe has stiffer parts to make the shoe more resistant to more aggressive or softer actions. This, combined with our sweat or wet clothes, causes the shoe to deteriorate more quickly.

Tip: When you are done training, put your boots in a shoe bag. Even better, you can put a shoe tree in the shoe to keep its shape longer.

Don’t lend your shoes

We know that if you lend your shoes, it is because it is an emergency, but this is not very advisable. Soccer shoes are used very intensively during training or matches, so they adapt to the shape of your foot, the way you play, or even the way you walk. If someone else uses them, the shape of your foot will be lost, which will prevent them from fitting your foot perfectly. Tie your football boots properly

This is what our parents always told us. Soccer shoes are not street shoes. The technology in the shoes helps us avoid sprains, gives us more grip, or even prevents slipping in the shoe (rollover). These technologies are only valid if the shoes are well tied.


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