How to stop football boots from smelling?

Imagine you are changing your clothes after sporting activity, and suddenly all your colleagues run to the other side of the changing room. You’re are wondering why, until you smell the stench in the air and realize it’s coming from your boots.

Shame on you, right? I know it shouldn’t be like that. Well, you might be in luck because we are here with the best tips and tricks to teach you exactly how to stop this

Read this article to learn how to stop this.

Before the 6 powerful hacks that I have compiled below for your profit, you should notice this:
When you come back from your practice, you only have one thing to do: don’t hide your football boots in your dedicated cupboard. It’s dark and damp, a sad place for the ones that make you feel good about your sport!

They only ask for one thing after the effort: comfort, namely, to breathe the fresh air. It’s better to let them dry on your windowsill or in your garden than to give bacteria the joy of proliferating in their dungeon.

Don’t let the bad guys who make your trainers smell bad win the game!

So there are also many strategies to finish this job, you’ll be able to merely opt for the one that suits you

Method 1: Baking soda

Useful in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, bicarbonate of soda combats bad odours from football boots.
Sprinkle a spoonful on the soles of each shoe and leave them for 12 hours.
Baking soda has the magic power to absorb moisture and eliminate bad odours.

Method2: Tea Bags

Good news: if you’re a tea lover and want to recycle your used tea bags intelligently, they have deodorising properties and can absorb bad smells. Place one or two tea bags for 24 hours in your boots and they will deodorise it!

Method3: Fruits in your boots

As well as being excellent for our health, fruits never stop surprising us with their possible diversions.
So, just peel and place the skins of orange, lemon or grapefruit in your shoes (of course after enjoying the fruit) and leave them until the morning…

Method4: Talc Powder

Talc, or talcum, is a clay mineral, composed of hydrated magnesium silicate
Spray talcum powder inside your football boots. Cheap and very efficient, the product can be found in any pharmacy or supermarket.

Method5:The second sole

It is better to have two pairs of trainers: one for training, the other for competition.
Why is that? To give them time to air out and get rid of bacteria and bad odours.

Method6: Nails

Let’s go straight to the point of this method: the nails.
There is no need to make them into witches’ claws. Because, in addition to hurting you, they are real traps for bacteria.
When we let them grow too much, our fingernails become “catchers” and need to be cleaned often. The same goes for our feet. Except that they are enclosed in shoes…
Imagine. Cutting them regularly (not too short so as not to hurt yourself, as they protect your toes) is, therefore, a routine to be integrated into your hunt for bad odours

So it seems that football boots smell is not as taboo as you thought. So, will you dare to share this article and help your friends out? And yes, you’re not the only one fighting this battle!



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