We often talk about the care of goalkeeper gloves in our articles. But how do you clean and care for your gloves?
We all know that feeling, that feeling of wanting to receive your order quickly and then wanting to take care of your precious item. More than an object, a pair of gloves is the working tool of every goalkeeper, but if you want to get the most out of a pair of gloves, it is important to follow a few valuable rules:

The first point is not the least important, because any goalkeeper has already cleaned his gloves in the washing machine! A big mistake, the drum, and the products in the detergents will damage your gloves, both the foam and the glove itself. The second mistake is to put them in the dryer, as the heat and the drum will stiffen and destroy your gloves as you go along. While this will save you time and is the easy way out, it will damage your gloves considerably!

Although it can be a thankless task, goalie gloves should be washed by hand, preferably in warm water. The next step is quite easy, once you judge the temperature of the water to be sufficient, insert a glove and place it under the water. Then rub the latex palm gently with your other hand. Repeat this several times, and between each phase remember to clench your fist to get the stagnant water out of the foam. You can add specific products such as glove cleaners, uhlsport, Reusch, or the specialized brand GloveGlu, which offer very effective items. They will allow you to clean your gloves effectively, but also maintain the grip! However, if you use such a product, remember to rinse your latex properly after use. Wring out the glove by clenching your fist, then put them to dry!

Of course, after receiving your package, you will rush to put on your gloves and go to training, or worse, to a match. We advise you to at least wash your gloves before using them. This will allow you to clean your latex foam and remove the different products that may be on it. Then, you should remember to clean your gloves as soon as you finish a training session or a match. We recommend washing them directly after use and avoiding putting them in your bag and washing them two days later. A simple rinse with warm water to remove the bulk of the glove may be sufficient at first if it is followed in the following days by a real cleaning.

As previously mentioned, the tumble dryer is a solution to be avoided, we advise you to hang your gloves on a traditional dryer away from the sun. Also, avoid putting them in front of the fireplace or over the radiator! Allow at least 24 hours for your gloves to dry properly, or more depending on the pair. Then put your gloves back in the pouch you received with your pair, and store them wherever you like! Once again, avoid any type of room with significant temperature variations.

A pair of gloves need to be looked after carefully if you want them to last over time, and especially if you want them to offer you all their promises in terms of grip.

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