The next generation of adidas’ iconic silo, how good is the Predator Edge? We tested the top of the range version, the Predator Edge+.

Since 1994, the Predator range has been a household name at adidas. Known for being worn by the likes of Zidane and Beckham and now embodied by Paul Pogba, the Predator model has been reinvented in early 2022 with the release of the Predator Edge.

The Predator Edge is a continuation of the 2012 Lethal Zones model with its strategically placed ribs, and is available in three different versions for the top of the range. The Predator Edge+, which combines all the technology and lacelessness, the Predator Edge.1 low with laces and the Predator Edge.1 high with laces. It is this version that we have tested.

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Score : (8/10)

It’s a fact that the Predator is getting a makeover with a design that I think is quite futuristic. I really feel like there is a break from the existing pairs on the market and personally I really like the design. We have a new FACET FIT collar that is much lower than in previous years. It reminds me a bit of the last Nemeziz in its high version.

On the upper we don’t have the DEMONSKIN anymore but the ZONE SKIN technology with ribs that are positioned in four control zones on the instep and at the toe of the shoe to optimize ball control. The ribs remind me of the pattern on the first Predator. Finally, there is a brand new FACET FRAME sole which is absolutely beautiful and has a few special features.

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Score: (7/10)

I thought for a long time that I would give this Predator a bad grade for this criterion. I didn’t feel comfortable at all the first few times I put them on. The pair was too stiff and did not fit the foot at all. I even felt some pain. But after breaking them in and wearing them a lot, I must say that they are quite comfortable and feel good. On the plus side, the pair is easy to put on. I also love the collar, I find it very comfortable and its shape fits the ankle well. So after a few play sessions, I’m pretty happy with the comfort it offers.

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Rating: (7/10)

I found the pair to be a little too thick, especially because of the ZoneSkin technology. However, the technology provides a real plus in terms of grip and you can really feel its effectiveness. I tested them on wet terrain and I had no problems with them. I found the shoes to be a bit “clunky” on the foot, which slightly altered the feel.

Grade: (8/10)

I really liked this new sole. It is quite flexible and responsive. The shape of the lugs provides good grip on both dry and wet ground and this is one of the big strengths I wanted to highlight. I tested the pair on very greasy terrain and had no problems with grip, either when accelerating or changing direction. However, the front weighted element is, for me, more of a commercial element than a real contribution. I didn’t feel it at all during the tests. However, I didn’t feel any discomfort in this area either.

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Score : (8/10)

Always difficult to judge durability over a month but the pair looks solid and sturdy. I think they will easily last half a season and probably a full season. As is often stated, the sole does show some minor wear quickly.

Rating: (7/10)

At £220, the pair meets the requirements of high-end footwear, the elements put forward work and you can feel it. While the price of the + version may put some people off, the Predator Edge.1 tested here is logical.

While the first impressions and sensations of the Predator Edge.1 were not the best, the final result is interesting to analyse. Apart from the fact that you’ll have to wait a little while for the comfort to be there, the handling is clearly the strong point of this pair. Whether you are on dry or greasy ground, the FG sole will meet your expectations as it did for us. A nice evolution of silo.

Overall rating

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